modPALEO believes in preserving a diet of elemental foods, derived from lean proteins, non-processed carbohydrates and good, saturated fats. We believe in stewardship, sustainability and connecting with people through the power of real food. Our business is people – those who grow our food, the team that prepares it, our customers, and the community that supports healthy living.

Real food comes from real farms. We select our producers based on best agricultural practices, highest food quality, and environmental sustainability. We vet each one of our producers while maintaining personal relationships with them all. As part of our mission, we work to support a sustainable food economy based on beneficial relationships between our farmers and customers. Our facility is gluten-free.
Our protein is always grassfed and/or pasture-raised and hormone/antibiotic-free. Vegetables are sourced local first, and organic when it matters. Our farmers use sustainable practices, providing an environment free of antibiotics, pesticides and hormones for where all ingredients can thrive.

Our convenient meal delivery service serves the continental US. We support Paleo, Primal & Vegetarian diets.
Most importantly, we only source Real Food.